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Mental Health Consultation

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Dealing with severe stress and not able to cope up with your current situation? Book a mental health consultation with our experts today!

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It is high time Mental Health is given equal importance as physical health.

Being in stressed, depressed or grief state not only hampers your work, schedule and productivity but also deteriorates your inner-self. The stages of depression might start from a very tiny state of not feeling good, and might worsen to a condition wherein the individual plans to commit suicide. Holding a stable and positive mindset not only helps in personal growth but also helps an individual to create a positive aura in the nearby surroundings.

Seek the advice of a professional before your current stress becomes a larger mental issue and becomes too difficult to deal with. Our experts are here to help and guide you to take positive steps towards your mental well-being.

Assured call back within 24 hours of booking the service.

Please note: Bhookha Haathi will coordinate with you in regards to book a telephonic appointment with our mental health expert based on your availability.


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