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At Bhookha Haathi, we are constantly thinking of our consumers and looking for innovative ways to help them make healthier food choices through our alternative food products.

Our proprietary Dry-Fruit and Nut based Refreshers come in 3 different variants. They’re not only delicious, but also help promote health in various ways.

Nuts are rich in plant-based proteins, healthy fats, and fiber. Furthermore, they provide tryptophan, an amino acid responsible for producing mood-boosting serotonin. One of the main sources of ALA Omega-3 fatty acids, they help prevent diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and Alzheimer’s.

Nuts provide healthy fats that energize the body, protect the organs, protect the cells, regulate blood pressure and cholesterol, and help absorb nutrients. They are rich in phytochemicals that are helpful in stopping the formation of potentially cancer-causing substances (carcinogens) in the body.

Dry fruits such as raisins and dates are a rich source of fiber, iron, calcium, potassium, and other essential nutrients, that provide an energy boost and enhance the overall taste.

Spices like cardamom and fennel have long been known to have digestive benefits. Indians also enjoy their distinctive tastes; these spices contain a variety of nutrients that provide different health benefits in addition to improving digestion.

Fennel Flavoured Dry-Fruit & Nut Refresher
Our 100% natural, preservative-free, sugar-free fennel flavoured dry-fruit and nut-based mouth refresher is the perfect alternative to potentially harmful chewables, such as tobacco and non-tobacco-based products. Not only is it a great breath freshener, but it also works well as a digestive aid. It comes in a convenient 2-rupee sachet, making it easy to satisfy your cravings on-the-go.

There are around 232 million tobacco-users in India, of which 30 percent are into the habit of chewing tobacco. Bhookha Haathi has a vision for 2050 to drastically reduce the consumption of tobacco by more than 50 percent, and to also limit the use of unhealthy pan masalas and oral fresheners that are laden with additives and preservatives. With this goal in mind, Bhookha Haathi aims to raise public awareness of the harms of tobacco and these other products, while also striving to provide healthier alternatives that are 100% natural and are free of harmful ingredients, additives, or preservatives.

Why choose Bhookha Haathi Fennel Flavoured Dry-Fruit & Nut Refresher as an alternative to chewable tobacco?
Based on scientifically derived ingredients, our product has been developed with a similar texture to pan masala to satisfy the brain in the same way as chewable tobacco and benefit the gut at the same time.
All these benefits and product experiences can help chewable tobacco addicts alleviate the withdrawal symptoms and make our dry-fruit and nut-based refresher the perfect alternative to chewable tobacco.

Date & Nut Refresher (Elaichi)
Our 100% natural cardamom flavoured date and nut refresher offers a range of benefits that go beyond just freshening your breath. The cardamom adds a unique flavour, while also promoting digestion. The satisfying crunch of nuts and the sweet flavour of dates make this guilt-free snack perfect for anyone looking to curb their hunger between meals. With no artificial ingredients or preservatives, it’s also a healthier choice for greater well-being.

Date & Nut Refresher (Fennel)
Our 100% natural fennel flavoured date and nut refresher is the perfect way to freshen your breath and support your digestive health. The combination of dates and nuts provides a satisfying crunch and a rich, sweet flavour that can help curb your hunger. Fennel adds a unique taste while also helps reduce bloating and gas, making this refresher a great choice for those with digestive issues. With no artificial ingredients or preservatives, it’s a healthy snack that you can enjoy guilt-free.

Key Benefits
Digestive mouth refresher
Gluten-free & vegan product
100% natural & healthy
Rich in dietary fiber
Anti-ageing & anti-infective
Lowers bad cholesterol
Good for heart
Great for eyesight
Aids in absorption of B complex
No additives. No preservatives
Healthy alternative to chewable tobacco & other harmful chewables

Key Features
Enriched with Vitamins, Minerals, Electrolytes, Anti-Oxidants & Phyto-Nutrients

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