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The ultimate crunch for refreshing breath!

Our 100% natural cardamom flavoured date and nut refresher offers a range of benefits that go beyond just freshening your breath. The cardamom adds a unique flavour, while also promoting digestion. The satisfying crunch of nuts and the sweet flavour of dates make this guilt-free snack perfect for anyone looking to curb their hunger between meals. With no artificial ingredients or preservatives, it’s also a healthier choice for greater well-being.

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Nut & Dry-Fruit Refresher

Aapki Sehat Ka Saathi

Our 100% natural dry-fruit & nut refreshers offer numerous advantages beyond simply freshening your breath. Not only are they the perfect alternative to potentially hazardous chewables, such as tobacco and non-tobacco based products, but they also promote digestion and contribute to your overall wellbeing.

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Farmers’ Connect

Indian farmers are valued partners in our collective effort to create a better, more sustainable future. Their passion for producing quality food make them invaluable members of our community. We work hand-in-hand with farms throughout India and have an impressive network of 500,000 farmers and 233 Farmer Producer Organizations, granting us access to the purest ingredients for our proprietary chickpea coffee recipes. You can trust that our products deliver the most authentic taste, with all the nutritional benefits intact.

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Bhookha Haathi products can improve the health of your customers, clients, partners, employees, patients, affiliates, etc. We have various schemes and offers for NGOs, corporates, hospitality service providers, the healthcare sector, stockists, distributors, wholesalers and retailers.



Bhookha Haathi is a revolutionary startup in the alternative and healthy foods market. We believe that food is more than just sustenance – it’s a way of life. Our mission is to make premium, healthy, and accessible alternative food products that support and promote a healthier lifestyle for our valued customers. Know more…