Kashmiri Honey: Nature’s Gift to A Healthy Body and A Happy Soul

Organic Kashmiri Honey

Universally acknowledged as the “Paradise on the Earth”, the land of Kashmir is a perfect home to nature’s creation. Right from the costliest spice on earth, “Saffron” to the very famous, sweet and aromatic “Kashmiri Apple”, mother nature has bestowed the region with numerous natural gifts. Since the area is diverse in its flora and fauna, it gives a natural habitat to bees to collect nectar (the acacia flower being the primary source) and produce organic honey.

The Kashmiri White Honey, is one of the perfect foods and medicine that can bestow you with numerous health-building and boosting benefits. The harvesting process gets initiated by mid-May, when the beekeepers collect the two types of bees, namely, Apis Cerana Indica (native bees) and Apis Mellifera (domesticated bees). Since ages, honey has been recognized as an ayurvedic medicine that is used for both internal and external applications. With a low glycemic index, organic honey is a natural sweetener. If you are looking for an alternative to sugar, then you can count on Organic Kashmiri White Honey to get the desired taste.

Composition of Organic Kashmiri Honey

Since Organic Kashmiri Honey is a natural health booster, let’s have a look at the nutritional value.

Nutritional Information (Organic Kashmiri White Honey, per 100 gm)
Energy325.59 Kcal
Sugar79.78 g
Protein1.30 g
Carbohydrates80.03 g
Fat0.03 g
Nutritional Information (Organic Kashmiri Forest Honey, per 100 gm)
Energy324-58 Kcal
Sugar79.87 g
Protein0.78 g
Carbohydrates80.32 g
Fat0.02 g

Apart from the above-stated essentials, Kashmiri White Honey and Kashmiri Forest Honey hold a vast amount of essential vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants that are essential for the overall development.

RiboflavinCopperAscorbic Acid
Pantothenic AcidMagnesium
Vitamin B-6Manganese
Vitamin B-12Phosphorous
Vitamin A, C,D,E,KSodium

How Can You Identify Pure Kashmiri Honey?

When it comes to the identification of the purity level of Kashmiri Honey, holding an idea about the essential characteristics will help you to get better clarity. The features that make Kashmiri honey special are:

  • It is light coloured (this is true for Kashmiri White Honey only)
  • Holds an exotic aroma, that turns out to be appealing to everyone (True for Kashmiri Forest Honey)
  • Pure Kashmiri honey crystallizes very slowly. If you find any crystallization in the honey, then it states the presence of mustard honey during the migration process.

Some of the core reasons that results in honey crystallization include:

  • Lower water content
  • A higher amount of glucose
  • Presence of any solid particles
  • Stirring

What are the Benefits of Organic Kashmiri Honey?

Organic Kashmiri Honey, the liquid gold is must-have for everyone in their daily diet. Apart from consumption, surprisingly, there are numerous medical and cosmetic benefits that you can grab by using daily.  The benefits mentioned here are applicable to both Kashmiri Forest Honey and Kashmiri White Honey. Due to high purity levels, unprocessed and raw, both are highly beneficial, and you can choose one variety or the other. Have a look!

  1. Heal Wounds and Burns

Apart from being a major player in adding a delicious flavour to your food, honey, also holds numerous wound care capabilities. Since ages, Kashmiri honey has been used as a natural wound dressing. There is clinical evidence that proves honey as a potent killer of bacteria that causes infections. Different types of wounds like Boils, Ulcers, Pilonidal Sinus, Diabetic and Foot- Ulcers can be cured easily. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties of honey help to heal mild to moderate burn wounds. So, the next time you face such an issue, make sure to apply honey in the affected area to get quick relief.

  1. Boosts Immunity

The human body is a blend of 11 different systems (containing specific organs) that helps the body to run at its optimal. The human body is smart enough to adjust itself according to the near-by surroundings and shows the signs of a firm or weak immune system. We can define the immune system as a gatekeeper that prevents the body from being attacked by any bacteria or virus.

The concept of building an immune system has left its footprints in everyone’s mind. Today, building a healthy immune system has become a pivotal component to live a healthy and balanced life. One of the natural ways to boost immunity is to consume one spoon of Saffron Infused Kashmiri White Honey, as it holds a massive amount of antioxidants.

  1. Perfect Glowing Skin and Lustrous Hair

Everyone wants to have a crystal, clear spotless skin to get that perfect radiance. The usage of chemical-based face packs and moisturisers can harm your skin in a significant way.  Honey, has been used as a beauty remedy to pamper the skin, delay ageing signs, unclog pores accordingly. At the same time, to avoid such issues, you can easily include honey in your DIY recipes to get that perfect instant glow. You can use the same as a natural cleanser, scrub, lotion, and many more.

Also, when it comes to maintaining your hair, you can use honey as a hair shine-boosting rinse by mixing one spoon of white honey with 1/4th cup of warm water.

  1. Cures Depression

If you are dealing with depression or anxiety, you just don’t have to cling on anti-depression pills. Honey is also an antidepressant that can help you to get relief from mental pressure and toxic thoughts. You can consume warm milk and honey as a bed-time beverage to improve your sleep quality. To get an additional flavour, you can try Saffron Infused Kashmiri Forest Honey, which can also help in preventing Alzheimer’s and Dementia as saffron has been found to help in improving brain function in various studies.

Another powerful DIY remedy that you can proceed ahead to improve your mood and purify your thoughts is to take a hot Honey and Milk Bath. Add 1/4th cup of pure raw honey with 2 cups of milk along with a few drops of Lavender or Jasmine Essential oil. Add it to your hot bath, sit back and relax. Honey is a miraculous remedy that is a must-have for overall health development. With a blend of properties, it can not only cure you physically but also stabilize your mental state. Bhookha Haathi’s 100% Organic Raw Kashmiri Honey is an excellent natural source you can count on to boost your physical and psychological well-being. Choose from our vast range of Infused Honey that is perfect sugar replacement and can also be taken as a herbal infusion to provide essential nutrients and health benefits.

Written By: Sultana Arifah
Sultana is a Digital Marketer Evangelist who is keen on exploring the different domains of the online business industry. A planner, strategist, ghostwriter by day, and a reader by night, her interest also lies in cooking, traveling, and listening to music.

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