Nutritional Consultation: A Step Closer to A Healthy Lifestyle

Nutritional Consultation

“Proper nutrition is the key to unlock your body’s potential.”Brian Holifield

Do you know that your thought-process, the feeling of joy, happiness, anxiety, the body structure is directly related to what you eat? The food that you eat acts as the fuel that allows your body (the powerhouse of energy) to perform the necessary functions day-in and day-out. With a fast-paced life, today, people are more inclined towards highly processed, packaged, and all kinds of junk food, as they feel it is a time-saver. However, the fact is, it might serve to be a feasible option in the short-run, but enhances the risk of various diseases like obesity, diabetes, cancer, other chronic & lifestyle diseases in the long-run. So, when it comes to weight loss, which one plays a significant role- exercise or diet? If you want to shed some kilos, read on!

A regular exercise routine does help in removing out the toxins from the body, boosts metabolism, improves blood circulation in the body, and will help you to fit your clothes better. A well-structured exercise schedule should include a blend of exercises involving cardio, resistance training, functional-fitness, stretching etc. Also, remember, “You are what you eat”. What you include in your daily diet can bring a remarkable change in weight reduction and internal cleansing of your body.  Are you wondering how to proceed ahead? Well, one of the best possible ways is to consult a nutritionist who can show you the right path.

Who Should Consult a Nutritionist?

When it comes to diet consultation, there is no age-bar. The body’s requirement keeps on changing according to age, daily habits, climatic conditions, etc.  A nutritional consultation can be a boon for everyone to improve their overall health, especially for the individuals who suffer from:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • High Cholesterol
  • Skin issues
  • Metabolic Disorders
  • Allergies
  • Insomnia
  • Mood Swings
  • Depression

Everyone can gain benefits from a healthy lifestyle which can help you to achieve that extra mile of happiness and health.

How Can A Diet Consultation Help You?

Nutritional counselling is more of strengthening your health’s foundation. It is a smart step of getting involved in a discussion with a certified nutritionist who assesses various aspects of your life involving your eating, sleeping, toxic habits (if any), underlying health conditions etc. By evaluating the different parameters, an expert can help you to navigate your body process by adopting healthier habits, which can benefit you in the following grounds:

  1. Help You Stay Fit

Nutritional consultation turns out to be a boon for the individuals who have been looking forward to gaining or losing weight. Your nutritionist can help you to achieve your desired goal by providing you with a diet plan according to your body’s needs. Following these steps will not only help you to cut off the unhealthy eating habits but will also help you to groom yourself internally and cleanse your system. At the initial stage, it might turn out to be difficult for you and your body to adapt to changes like avoiding junk or packaged foods, exercising at least for 30 minutes etc. In the initial phase, you might experience food cravings, body pain, etc. At this point, your dedication matters the most, as it will help you to gain surprising benefits within a short span.

  1. Improve Your Mental Health

The food that you eat emits numerous nutritional components during the digestion process that helps you to maintain a stable mindset. According to a study, the Mediterranean-style diet, which contains high involvement of food grains, vegetables, fruits, sea-food, unsaturated fats like olive oil, turns out to be beneficial for people who suffer from depression. Also, people who experience depression are more likely to turn obese as they might adapt to the habit of binge eating. Another study reveals that the intake of selenium can help you to improve mood and reduce anxiety. So, if you experience pain, anxiety, depression, it is high time to look at what’s inside you more than what’s around you.

  1. Boost Your Productivity

It is a fact that a happy state of mind boosts productivity, whereas a depressed mind decreases the quality of productivity to a great extent. Eating healthy and at the right time can help you to enhance your concentration power, which will ultimately spike your productivity. Consuming raw foods can help you to improve your energy. For example, one spoon of organic raw honey is a natural source of energy that can give you a quick boost by entering your bloodstream. 

  1. Enhance Your Sleep Quality

Sleep is considered the best medicine that allows your body to repair itself. Disturbance in sleep not only impacts your mental health and productivity but deteriorates the complete health cycle. A well-experienced nutritionist always focuses on the quality of sleep that the client experiences. By understanding the current sleep pattern, a dietician understands the overall health condition and provides remedies. Sleep is crucial for our mind and the body, and with the right counselling, you can enhance your sleep quality.

  1. Focus On Overall Wellness

Experienced dietitian focuses on providing the best and feasible solutions to boost overall health. Food is the ultimate fuel that keeps us going, and eating the right food in the right portion, at the right time, and in the right way can do wonders for your body. By understanding the right way to eat and sleep, you can cure chronic diseases at the initial stage itself. An in-depth discussion with a dietician can help you to understand the different domains that need to be focused on building better physical and mental health.

  1. Increase Life Span

Healthy food habits and a stable and happy mind can help you to enhance your life span. Are you wondering how? Well, the proof is Japan’s Okinawa Island-the healthiest place on earth, also called as the land of immortals. The area is home to centenarians (people who live a life span of a minimum 100 years). Their traditional eating pattern involves a diet low in calories and fat, and high in fiber. Also, exposure to sunlight and maintaining a positive attitude helps them to stay younger and help them to achieve the benchmark. Remember, health is the most significant wealth that you hold in your hands. A healthy mind and body can help you to stay positive and is the ultimate key to happiness and success. At Bhookha Haathi, our nutritional specialist takes utmost care in understanding your core problems and provides practical and feasible solutions to streamline your body processes. Book a consultation today to have a word with our experts and discover the secrets of staying healthy.

Written By: Sultana Arifah
Sultana is a Digital Marketer Evangelist who is keen on exploring the different domains of the online business industry. A planner, strategist, ghostwriter by day, and a reader by night, her interest also lies in cooking, traveling, and listening to music.

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