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Ferritin (Iron) Test by Thyrocare +1 Free Nutritional Consultation

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Ferritin is an iron molecule bound to apoferritin, a protein shell. Stored iron represents about 25% of total iron in the body, and most of this is stored as ferritin. Ferritin plays a significant role in the absorption, storage and release of iron. Ferritin remains in the body tissues until it is needed for erythropoiesis (development of mature red blood cells). When needed, the iron molecules are released from the apoferritin shell and bind to transferrin, which is the circulating plasma protein that transports iron to the erythropoietic cells.

Please note: Thyrocare is our official testing partner. Bhookha Haathi will coordinate with you in regards to your test sample to be scheduled and collected at your doorstep. The test reports and further nutritional/medical consultations will be provided directly by Bhookha Haathi via your registered email id/contact details.


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