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Clove Infused Premium White Honey

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– Organic Clove Infused Premium White Honey.
– Pure Organic Honey Without Sugar. Healthy Replacement to The Sugar. 100% Free from Artificial Flavours and Chemicals.


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Choose from our range of specialty honey that is a healthy replacement to the sugars used in tea, coffee and other daily usage. Home remedies and herbal infusions made using our naturally sourced, organic honey will not only make you feel more energetic but will boost your health and immunity.

Flavour: Infused with pieces of roasted cloves.

Key Features: Super Source of Antioxidants, Minerals & Vitamin B6.

Key Benefits of Honey:

Organic Kashmiri HoneyRaw and 100% NaturalHigh Energy Source
Low Sugar SourceImproves CholesterolGood for Heart
Helps in Lowering Blood PressureCan lower TriglyceritesHigh Carbohydrate Source
Promotes Burn & Wound HealingCan help suppress Cough in ChildrenNO Additives,
NO Preservatives

Key Benefits of Clove: Contain Important Nutrients, High in antioxidants & Can Kills Bacteria.

Additional Info: Infused Honey


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