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What are Nutraceuticals?

Nutraceutical, by definition is a combination of two words – “Nutrient” describing a nourishing food component and “Pharmaceutical” describing a medicinal drug. Nutraceuticals are products, which other than a nutritive supplement, can also double as a medicine. They may be defined as food substances that can be used to improve health, modulate immunity, delay the aging process, prevent chronic diseases, increase life expectancy, or body function. Nutraceuticals are specially processed to satisfy particular dietary requirements and/or provide medical or health benefits.Since the nutrition requirement of each individual is different,Bhookha Haathi also provides subscription-based, personalised health solutions at an affordable cost to consumers who wish to substitute or replace their dependencies on expensive, strong, processed, and chemical-based products. Its offerings are 100% natural compositions based on dried fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, seeds, grains, and honey, among other whole and natural ingredients.

Works on root causes and take longer time for recoveryRelatively more instant in effect
Do not have side effectsFor severe illnesses have side effects
Focuses on prevention & wellnessFocuses on illness & treatment
No prescription needed for buyingSold only on prescription except OTC
Needs no approval of FDANeeds approval of FDA
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