Online Booking For Blood Test- A New Trend

Online Booking For Blood Test

Blood test is one of the standard medical terms that we hear in our daily lives. Many a times, you must have been prescribed by your doctor to proceed for a blood test to detect any specific or chronic health condition or to identify a deficiency of a particular nutrient in your body. Patients who hold symptoms that might lead to diseases like Diabetes, High BP, Heart Condition, viral fever, anaemia, inflammation, infection, dengue, etc., are usually prescribed to proceed for blood tests. By analyzing the blood test report, doctors get clarity regarding the required medication that needs to be defined.

There was a time when the patients needed to stand in a long queue to get a blood test done. However, today, the infusion of technology in medical science has altered the complete process, as it gave birth to the new concept of Online Blood Test Booking, a comfortable and smart way to get the blood test done at home.

Why is Blood Test Important?

An annual blood screening is one of the significant steps that you can proceed ahead to get a perfect snapshot of your health condition. It is beneficial to proceed with the test as it can measure:

  • The overall condition of your health
  • The functioning of vital organs like liver and kidney
  • Any blood clotting
  • Diagnose diseases like Cancer, HIV/AIDS etc.
  • Blood-sugar level

In most of the cases, the essential parameters of the blood get diagnosed, which includes:

  • White Blood Cells (WBC): Helps the body to fight against infection and allergies by strengthening the immune system.
  • Red Blood Cells (RBC): Presence of RBCs in the bloodstream helps in the flow of oxygen throughout the body and hematocrit (proportion of RBCs in the blood)
  • Platelets: Also referred to as thrombocytes, the platelets get activated if a person suffers an injury. The core function of platelets is to clump together at the bleeding site to clot.

Types of Blood Tests

When it comes to blood test examination, different types of tests are conducted based on the symptoms detected. Few of the standard tests include:

Certain blood tests do require the patient to fast due to certain conditions:

  • Cholesterol tests
  • Blood-sugar tests
  • Liver function tests
  • Kidney function tests

How Is Online Blood Test Conducted?

Today, booking for lab tests online has turned to be a feasible option as one can get it done quickly at home. The complete process involves the following steps:

  1. Selecting the Required Test: The first step is to be very clear regarding the test that has been prescribed by your doctor. In case, if you are proceeding ahead for a routine checkup, you should be aware of the test details.
  2. Filling in the Required Details: In the next step, you need to fill the required details stating the medical condition and personal information including correct name, address, e-mail address, contact number, payment etc.
  3. Waiting for a Confirmation Call: Once the billing gets cleared, you will be given a confirmation call stating the order confirmation.
  4. Scheduling for the Test: After the confirmation, the required test gets scheduled wherein an authorized representative will visit your home to collect the blood sample.
  5. Delivering the Reports: Once collected, it will lead to the examination process. The reports get delivered to the registered email id and contact number.
Benefits of Online Blood Test

Conducting online blood tests turns out to be a feasible move due to a wide range of reasons that include:

  1. Convenient for Senior Citizens and Differently-Abled: The traditional system demands the patients to wait in a long queue to get the blood tests done. On the other hand, the modern online process provides a much more comfortable zone, especially for senior citizens and differently-abled people.
  2. Turns out to be Hygienic: Hospitals and clinic or lab centres turn out to be less hygienic as compared to your home. Booking an online blood test gives you the privilege to carry out the same process in a much more secure way.
  3. Saves Time: Another benefit that provokes most individuals to prefer online blood tests is that it saves an ample amount of time.

Blood testing is a vital parameter to monitor your overall health condition. COVID-19 has taught us the importance of health and hygiene factors that one needs to pay attention to. Visiting a nearby hospital or clinic might turn out to be unsafe as one can get infected easily. Therefore, it is recommended to proceed ahead with the online blood test booking system. 

At Bhookha Haathi, we take utmost care in helping our clients to conduct the blood tests in a hassle-free way thru our authorised lab partners. Have a look at the complete range of online blood tests that you can book with just one click. Once you book an appointment, the test sample collection process will be scheduled at your door-step. Accordingly, the reports will be sent in the registered email address and contact number. 

A free nutritional consultation along with a free diet plan turns out to be an additional benefit that you can get along with your confirmed booking so there is no excuse to delay that annual diagnostic checkup anymore. Avail your benefits today!

Written By: Sultana Arifah
Sultana is a Digital Marketer Evangelist who is keen on exploring the different domains of the online business industry. A planner, strategist, ghostwriter by day, and a reader by night, her interest also lies in cooking, traveling, and listening to music.

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