Aarogyam: An Array of Tests For Overall Wellness

Aarogyam Test

Did you know that proceeding with a yearly checkup reduces the health risk to a great extent and also turns out to be economical? Every time you proceed for a health checkup, various tests like blood pressure, sugar level, pulse rate get screened, and your medical records get documented and updated, which helps you to detect any existing disease. One such dimension of diagnosis is Aarogyam wellness program that allows an individual to have a look at the insights and understand the organ functioning. In case, you have any deficiency diseases, that can also be diagnosed and proper steps can be taken accordingly.

What is Aarogyam?

In simple terms, Aarogyam can be understood as a specially designed package that is dedicated to understanding the overall wellness and disease free-health. The complete process is carried out through automatic diagnostic procedures, and thus, gets completed within a short span. The demand for Aarogyam has been continuously increasing in the market, and therefore, there are different types of customized packages.

Types of Aarogyam Profiles

Considering the modern lifestyle diseases that have been evolving gradually, there are different types of tests clubbed together that have been designed to suit different diagnostic needs of an individual. The different kinds of Aarogyam tests include:

Each of the tests mentioned above gives a definite snapshot of the individuals’ health based on the conditions examined. Carrying out the tests accordingly, and monitoring the same keeps a check on the overall health status, and also helps an individual in the following ways:

  • Monitor the present health condition
  • Detect the pre-existing diseases at an early stage
  • Reduce long-term expenses
  • Detect the diseases that usually don’t generate any symptoms in the beginning

Diet: An Important Parameter

Since we have understood that monitoring the health status is an essential move that one should deal with at least annually, it is also important to note that diet plays a significant role in improving the health conditions.

The usage of organic products like raw honey and dry-fruit health booster has been scientifically proven as natural immune boosters. Hence, the demand has been continuously rising for the same, globally.

Understanding the health assessment importance, we at Bhookha Haathi provide you with numerous customized programs which you can proceed ahead with. To get better insights, we also provide free nutritional consultation along with the blood tests as well as based on the results, tailored dietary advice is provided based on the individual’s blood report results and health conditions. Thyrocare, one of the biggest brands in the preventive healthcare sector, is our official testing partner, who can assist you in conducting the required Aarogyam test by collecting the sample at your doorstep. Also, have a look at the wide range of organic products that are crafted carefully and are wholesome and tasty that turns out to be a perfect choice to provide a better alternative to the chemical-based products.

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