Dry fruits and Nuts – the best nutrient-packed addition to your diet!

Nutritional Supplements

Dry fruits and nuts are enriched with nutrients and beneficial bioactive compounds such as high-quality vegetable protein, fiber, minerals, tocopherols, phytosterols, and phenolic compounds. Apart from nutrients, they supply energy and warmth to the body. Studies reveal that the consumption of various tree nuts and dried fruits significantly reduces the risk of gallstones and coronary…

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Diabetics, this is why you need to include nuts & seeds in your diet

Dietary Supplement

Diabetes is a condition that is often developed due to lifestyle and dietary habits. Due to this condition, there is a high amount of sugar – glucose – in the bloodstream.  In the long term, it has the potential to negatively impact the body’s organs – damage to the blood vessels which can ultimately lead…

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Find out about 9 foods that are best suited for your liver!

Healthy Liver

Globally, around 300 million people are unaware that they suffer from viral hepatitis. If they do not receive proper diagnosing and care, they are at the risk of continuing to suffer and may ultimately lose their lives.  World Hepatitis Day, celebrated on the 28th of July, aims to bring about the much-needed awareness about this…

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8 Vitamins And Minerals That Boost Immunity

Immune System Booster Vitamins

The primary function of the immune system in our bodies is to ward off unwanted infections. It has the ability to recognize cells that have the potential to harm our health. B and T lymphocytes are the cells that are responsible for producing responsive actions towards certain microbes based on memory. This is why despite…

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12 Indian foods that Boost the Immune System

immunity booster food in india

India is well known for its preparations made with natural, nutrient-rich and immunity-boosting substances.  Our grandmothers and even their grandmothers have passed down the value and importance of the food we consume to all the generations after them. To boost our immunity, we need to look no further than our own kitchen – in a…

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Building Immunity in our Community

natural ways to boost community immunity

It is often during times of widespread panic and global scare caused by a particularly infectious virus, that we are reminded of the absolute importance of practising and maintaining good hygiene and building our immunity. Pathogens such as viruses can rarely ever be defeated with a simple “cure” as they keep modifying their genetic material…

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